1. J

    New members :)

  2. C

    Raw Diet??

    New here, picking up my first dachshund puppy on Sunday. I'm interested in doing a raw diet but I don't know exactly where to start and what's acceptable. I was hoping someone would thoroughly be able to help me out in this department with advice and information. For example: what are the...
  3. winston&murphy

    Best feeding options?

    Hi I'm new here! I have two dachshunds both under 2 years and am wondering what the best feeding option would be? Right now me and my boyfriend are switching around(I know is awful, just trying to find what is best) between things along the lines of the dachshund specific royal canin, purina...
  4. W

    17 Year old Dachshund Screaming/Wining

    Hi everyone, I have a 17 year old miniature short haired dachshund named Willow. She just turned 17 on May 3rd! She has shown the typical signs of aging, eye sight weakening, losing weight, walking slowly, hearing loss. All she really does now is sleep and goes outside once a day to do her...
  5. A

    Mange problem

    Hello im new here but am in need of immediate answers. I just adopted a 2 1/2 month old dachshund and im thinking sje has mange because she has hair loss and itching. I cant take her to the vet at the moment my older male dachshund had a severe allergic reaction and had to rush him to a...
  6. D

    Weiner-Dog the Movie.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE

    Good Afternoon, I am not sure if any of you have heard or seen the movie Weiner-Dog. I made a horrible mistake of watching the movies last night. Not only was it terrible but the ending showed the poor baby being ran over by multiple vehicles.. I am trying to warn anyone that loves their pets...
  7. CaseyKC

    21 Adorable Dachshund Photos

    I thought this was so cute. https://www.buzzfeed.com/natalyalobanova/reasons-why-dachshunds-are-gifts-to-the-world?utm_term=.cnWDM70ee#.lqYLvwXVV
  8. Y

    Dachshund is very lovely

    There is a dog in our family.
  9. Y

    How the dachshund character?

    How the dachshund character?please I want to know more about it.
  10. sim4sim

    Dachshund carrier

    Hello, does anyone know of a good carrier for dachshund? I have been searching and seeing some great ones online. My senior pup likes to go for long walks however she can never make it bag so I have to carry her. I think a sling bag would be great but I am not sure which one would work. Any ideas?
  11. S

    Part Dachshund or not

    we got a puppy from a breeder here that said it was a miniature pinscher but the local vet it was part Dachshund and part jack Russell terrier. Anybody agree or disagree with the vet?
  12. M

    New puppy

    I brought home a dachshund puppy yesterday. I am having problems with my 8 year old dachshund showing aggressive behavior toward her. Anyone with similar experiences that can offer advice?
  13. L

    Hello! I am happy to have joined the forum!

    Hi I'm Shirah. I have never owned a dog before, but I have always wanted a Dachshund. I absolutely adore them. I probably will not get one for another year, but I want to do as much research as I can so I can give them the best care when I get one. I am planning on adopting an adult...
  14. Tikki

    Hello from Tikki

    I am only half a Dachshund [Mom] and half a Minpin [Dad] so can I still join?
  15. T

    Is Dachshund right for me

    Hi, I am looking for a breed that will be 1. Compact. 2. The quantity of daily food requirement is some what less than that of a full grown gsd or dobe 3. and the breed is a watch dog and NOT indiscriminately friendly with everybody. So we are researching. It seems Dachshund may...
  16. B

    Cute Dachshund Items On Ebay (helps rescue)

    Cute dachshund items up for bid on Ebay. This is just two items. There is a crocheted dachshund quilt, dachshund necklace, a necklace and earring set, toysHelps rescue. End 8/11/15 Stardoxx Coffee Dachshund Collectible Adorable Supports FLDR Dogs in Need | eBay
  17. P


    We have a budget of £800 is this a realistic amount to get a female miniature dachshund smooth haired puppy? Thank you
  18. ScaryCarrie

    Spay complications?

    Hey everyone! I'm new here and needing some advice. My 3 year old girl, wednesday was spayed 2 weeks ago. Since then, she's dropped weight (not alarming yet but I've noticed it) and she's been sleeping in a fetal position a lot, and doing a lot of shaking. She has an appointment with the vet...
  19. F

    It is $2 Tuesday!

    Hi friends, Our beautiful dapple girl, Cocoa, was diagnosed with IVDD and has two herniated discs in her back. She just had a CT scan with a neurologist yesterday and we are planning on surgery for the very start of January. As I'm sure most of you know, IVDD is not covered by the...
  20. C


    My now 5 year old mini neutered male dachshund has had 3 seizures in front of me. His first was January 2013 the day my grandmother passed away. The second was July 2014 before I was leaving for work. I took him to the vet within the hour and they ran bloodwork and couldn't find anything. Third...