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She is darling and a loving pet I am sure but double dapples have deafness and eye issues and will pass it on. I would recommend an Embark DNA test to see what you might be dealing with. It shows a lot about what issue she could be carrying.
Plus you take a chance of losing your darling with birth issues and a lot of heartaches. It is always cheaper to buy another dog if you want that.
Google double dapples.
The newest member of our family is Zoey. She is a long haired black and tan dapple (tweenie, probably, as her mom weighed 14 lbs and dad weighed 11lbs). Her littermate, Molly, lives with my daughter.
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Hi, Egriff,
Very cute puppy :) Do you know this pup's breeding--- any family members who hold their ears up? Only 4 months old? That characteristic may change...
Hi everybody. I just adopted a puppy and I'm looking for a good name to give to the male dog Dachshund. Can you help me find a good name?