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Hi I'm Shirah. I have never owned a dog before, but I have always wanted a Dachshund. I absolutely adore them. I probably will not get one for another year, but I want to do as much research as I can so I can give them the best care when I get one.

I am planning on adopting an adult Dachshund from a shelter. Do you think this would be a good way to start, or should I find a breeder? I personally don't like breeders, but I want to do what's best. Thanks everyone!


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I have a suggestion. We have gone to show breeders and asked if they retired their adults to pet homes. Show dogs would have had experience walking on a leash, riding in a car, having strangers handle them. It's so nice for them to go to a pet home where they can have more one on one time and it's a bit easier on the new owner as well. It's an option to think about. Good luck!
Hi and welcome. Penny's idea is a great one.

I have 3 doxies now. Two came from shelters and one we rehomed from people that could no longer care for him.

Our first shelter boy was badly abused and took him some time to learn to trust again but he's a wonderful loving and very close little boy.

I am pro rescue and shelter adoptions. It's not the dog's fault they are in that position. Some of them make wonderful companions and remember not all dogs in shelters have issues. Some are there because of death in a family, etc.

Good luck on what ever way you decide to go.