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A7A81753-7A05-4C68-8C8E-A449F1BEAB33.jpeg 046E2F4D-AFD7-4262-9A6A-50ACFDC76ED8.jpeg E7F17768-4D2E-43E0-984D-850296D78A14.jpeg A7CD0A17-3936-4B61-B2D7-94FE1C7F7C4C.jpeg C5DC248D-07F7-4B9F-ADC1-FEC2074BC69E.jpeg 4F179D5D-ACC4-4DBC-9C83-E19794E77CD2.jpeg 0CCE1C7D-263B-4055-BDE8-FABD5C66E991.jpeg FDE27012-5387-4873-8DD8-72EA9A5F333E.jpeg 63C93619-643D-453C-9514-232856B14781.jpeg Hello, everyone. My name is Jared. i’m A military spouse and Accounting Student, Around one month ago we Adopted Santa-Lucia Marie (Lucy marie) and Santo-Francisco Angelo. my husband is from Italy and with the pups being AKC, he wanted to keep the fancy naming tradition like her relatives while also giving them standard names for daily use :) (Frank and Lucy). Originally we started with just Lucy, a Smooth Coated sweet girl with Brown and white Pie-bald markings. she was our first baby, we Adopted her at 11 weeks. She was born locally on July 26th 2017. My veterinarian warned me at her first appointment “you’re going to become a dachsy person whether you planned on i’t or not”... well she was absolutely correct and i’n less than a months time we Adopted Frank, a sweet boy, a Wire-Haired. (mostly red in’ color) however, (and correct me if I’m wrong) i’ believe that he has been blessed with a positive genetic makeup, he has the wire haired and textured look, but his hair is more smooth and soft than Lucy’s almost. Their D-Vm tells me this is very beneficial for grooming upkeep as well. Of course, being 2 men that are married, these are our CHILDREN. And we do not intend on running a puppy mill or any kind, we just wanted to join a community that could help us with tips, and how to’s of the dachshund world, as we are only a month into this new lifestyle. Attached are some nice photographs of our little duet so far :) please contact me, and share your stories, positive vibes, and comments :) email: [email protected]