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17 Year old Dachshund Screaming/Wining


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May 28, 2017
Willow (Mini Dach) Lilly (Staffordshire) Prince (Pom)
Hi everyone, I have a 17 year old miniature short haired dachshund named Willow. She just turned 17 on May 3rd! She has shown the typical signs of aging, eye sight weakening, losing weight, walking slowly, hearing loss. All she really does now is sleep and goes outside once a day to do her routine lizard hunts, or at least she tries to. However, recently she has begun randomly screaming/wining, that's the only way i can describe it. When I go and check on her shes just laying down making these horrible noises like she's in pain but she isn't moving like shes in pain. Once she realizes I am there checking on her, she will get up and walk away only to start the screaming a few hours later.

Any idea what this is? It even freaks my two other dogs out enough to come check on her every time too. She just started this last week. Any help would be great!
Please take to the vet as soon as possible
Please take to the vet as soon as possible
Hey! So yeah this was a while back I posted this but thanks for replying! Turned out two of her toenails got crossed ontop of each other - just a simple unhook of the nails and she was good to go!!
Good to know had a Long Haired Red girl when she screamed she had neck issues it took three kind s of pain medications to get her though. In the end nose cancer got her in the end in September.