Is Dachshund right for me


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I am looking for a breed that will be

1. Compact.

2. The quantity of daily food requirement is some what less than that of a full grown gsd or dobe

3. and the breed is a watch dog and NOT indiscriminately friendly with everybody.

So we are researching. It seems Dachshund may be the breed.

I am here to learn more about this breed and wheather it will fit our requirement.

Thanking in advance


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Welcome! I am researching them as well and can also tell you that they give them a 5/5 for barkers. Love to dig and chase all moving small critters. A little stubborn and hard to house train. You have to be careful with them jumping off anything and doing a lot of stairs. Best to teach them to use ramps. Not great with kids if they aren't raised with them.