1. F

    your best advice

    Hey new wiener owner here! My family has a few but for the hubby and I this is our first! We got her as a companion to our bulldog! So does anyone want to give me their best training advice? Maybe a must do and must dont? I think it would fun.
  2. S


    Hey everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum. The reason why I have come here is because I am having some problems with my almost 4 month old mini doxie. I am new to the world of dachshunds.. I grew up with giant labs so having a small dog is new to me. First off: My mini...
  3. C

    New dachshund owner looking for advice!

    Hi there! I am a new dachshund owner and new to this fourm. My dogs name is Raylan and he is a 10 week old male mini dachshund. I owned previous dogs but not a dachshund. I am having a very hard time crate training Raylan. I introduced it very positively to him, toys, treats, playing in the...
  4. Mathias_moller

    Everything you need to know about Dachshund training!

    Hello fellow Dachshund owners! I just fell over this great guide on how to train your dachshund, personally I got a few tips and tricks out of it, that I never new..... I thought I would share it with you! :-) Here it is: What do you think...
  5. D

    How Long Should Pupplies Sleep at Night

    We have four month old and I want to know about his sleeping at night. His evening schedule is eating dinner @ 5:30 followed by a walk and play time (usually at least an hour for the two). Sometimes play is longer and sometimes he is happy to just hang after that. He usually gets in our...
  6. D

    Good High Value Treats

    We are the owners of Dooley (4 months old) and are working on training. For a while he worked well with his kibbles but has figured out those are nothing special now so they don't work so well for his training. What are some good idea for healthy HIGH VALUE treats to use as part of his...
  7. D

    New Puppies and Many Questions

    We are new puppy owners and really want to get things right so we have a wonderful, loving and great relationship with our baby. I have a few questions: 1. We are crate/kennel training Dooley. In order to do this is it ok that he is out with us some in the mornings/evenings while we watch...
  8. sherlock

    Help with teaching "hush"???

    Dr. Watson (1 yr) is a serial barker...we live in an apartment, so we can often hear people outside talking or coming and going. He likes to bark at them. He likes to bark when I come into the living room (when he's in his crate). It's the worst when someone (myself, SO, or roommate) comes home...
  9. D

    New Puppy Owners

    Hello everyone from Dooley and his new family! We adopted a little boy dachshund over the weekend and know we are in for a wonderful adventure. I am so fully of questions because we want to the take best possible care of our new family member and make sure he and us are both happy and...