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Hey new wiener owner here! My family has a few but for the hubby and I this is our first! We got her as a companion to our bulldog! So does anyone want to give me their best training advice? Maybe a must do and must dont? I think it would fun.
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Absolutely crate train her! If she feels safe and secure in her kennel, one day, if she gets a back injury and needs 8 weeks of crate rest, you'll be very happy you did.

Congrats and I hope there's plenty of puppy photos coming!
Please look up Kikopup on Youtube.

Only use positive reinforcement. Never crate the dog. Play crate games so they feel safe if they need to stay in there, for exampel if sick or injured or at dog shows. But dont keep the dog in the crate at night or during daytime. They will get bored and that can create stress, behavior problems or depression.

Keep your dog happy by trying out all sorts of dogsports. We compete in Rally-O and does a lot of nose work (blood tracking, nose work) so they are calm and happy! All dogs need to feel like they have a task to do at some piont.

Good luck and wish you all the best!


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There's so much advice I would give! But I agree with both suggestions: Teach your dog to love a crate, and only train using positive reinforcement methods. No matter how difficult the training can be, whether house training, teaching him to be quiet or not to pull on leash, remember your dog only does what he knows. If you want him to behave differently, TEACH him, don't scold him.
My younger pup was very fearful and anxious. This caused her to bark at just about everything when we were out walking and she was too stressed to focus and listen to me. If I had scolded her or yanked on her leash, she would have become aggressive by now. Instead, I started very slowly, at a distance she was comfortable with, to pair yummy food with her triggers (other dogs, people, noises). Now she looks to me when she's scared, instead of barking. I went through the same thing with my older dog, to a lesser degree. Positive reinforcement works, but it does take time and patience.
This past weekend I was able to enter both dogs in a Barn Hunt competition with many other dogs and people. It was very noisy and exciting, but both my girls were calm and focused. That is simply training. Don't believe that all Doxies are yappy and dislike bigger dogs-they do tend to be that way, but if you teach them to be comfortable and to trust you to protect them, they won't feel they need to protect themselves.
Also, don't over feed your pup. They can get fat very easily and that is hard on their long backs. I recommend feeding portioned meals of a high-quality kibble or raw food.
I agree 100% with all of the above suggestions. I just wanted to add, train yourself to always lift your dachshund with two hands, one under the chest and the other under the tummy. This will lessen stress on the back.