How Long Should Pupplies Sleep at Night


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We have four month old and I want to know about his sleeping at night.

His evening schedule is eating dinner @ 5:30 followed by a walk and play time (usually at least an hour for the two). Sometimes play is longer and sometimes he is happy to just hang after that. He usually gets in our laps about 8 and grabs a nap until my hubby gets home about 9:30. He then wants to play about 30 minutes and then we are off to bed between 10 and 10:30.

He varies between only sleeping about 3 hours and then letting us know he needs out of his kennel to "do his business" and sleeping until around 4:30 or 5.

When he only sleeps the three hours he will go back in his kennel after potty time with very little barking and whimpering.

However, if he sleeps until the 4:30 or 5am time he will not settle back down. For the past few days what has worked is if I go ahead and feed him and put him in the bed with us he will go right back to sleep. If I feed him and put him in the kennel we get barking. (I would like to be able to put him back in the kennel.)

Is it ok that he wants to eat at 4:30 or 5:00? Will this be his "forever" time of waking up/needing to eat or will he be able to sleep longer as he grows. I would love if he would "bed down" about 10 and sleep until 6.

We are new to the puppy world and have so many questions and this forum has been a great place to get answers. Thanks for all the help.