Good High Value Treats


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We are the owners of Dooley (4 months old) and are working on training. For a while he worked well with his kibbles but has figured out those are nothing special now so they don't work so well for his training. What are some good idea for healthy HIGH VALUE treats to use as part of his training. How do you "tally" them into his daily food intake? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I follow a blog called Dachshund Nola. Nola's mom uses all homemade food except for her treats. Here is a list of the commercial treats she suggests. I've also used carrots (regular not baby sized) that I cut up into pieces as training treats. Carrots are healthy for dogs and they always think it's a "big" bonus. Especially if you are snacking on them too. :) I've also made my own peanut butter dog treats and used all natural ingredients. Yosuke loves those the most and will do anything for even a tiny piece of one. lol


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The favorite treat in our house is Pure Bites, the liver and duck, especially. All it is is freeze dried Liver, chicken, whitefish, or duck, and I think they've come out with cheese and "trail mix" which is beans, cheese and liver, all freeze dried. very healthy, as there's only one ingredient, and no additives or preservatives or anything.


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My dog will do anything for string cheese or little bites of low-sodium turkey lunch meat. For commercial treats I buy Zukes and Fruitables. When I give a lot of treats in a single day I will just feed a little less kibble at night. I just eyeball it.