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Hey everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum. The reason why I have come here is because I am having some problems with my almost 4 month old mini doxie. I am new to the world of dachshunds.. I grew up with giant labs so having a small dog is new to me.

First off: My mini doxie is not responding to "come" command. When I trained my labs they learned these commands around this age and understood me. It seems that my dachshund understands me but just doesn't want to listen. How does everyone else teach their dachshund to come?

Second: When she decides not to come to me and I have to go get her myself she freaks out and start growling and yelling at me. So loud my entire apartment complex hears it. If you were listening you would think that I was beating her to death but I am not hurting her.

She has never been hit. The most punishment she has gotten is a little pop for biting or snapping, but not near enough to hurt her. I am scared to hit her because I read that they will get aggressive if you start doing that. She is not in pain either.

Sorry this is so long! Any help would be appreciated!


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Hi and Welcome!
I've never had a puppy before so I don't have any suggestions. However I will be picking up a 4 month old puppy very soon! Oh oh. lol

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Do you have a treat when you call her? That is a dachshund. They have their own head,she might not want to come to you. and she wont.But she may change her mind if you have something delicious or a nice rubber toy


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You need to teach her that coming to you when called is extremely rewarding. Use yummy treats to entice her; first show her the treat, then praise and give it to her when she comes to get it. Use the cue word ("come") only when she's already on her way to you, so she understands what the word means. It's easiest to practice this with 2 people, so you can call her back and forth between you. You can also practice on a leash. Don't pull her to you, but keep the leash fairly short to begin with. Call her and reward when she comes to you.

Another thing to think about is why she gets upset when you force her to move. Is she sleeping, eating or playing with a toy when you pick her up? Does she have any pain? Are you taking her somewhere she doesn't enjoy? For example, if you're calling her to put a collar and leash on her and take her outside, she might be uncomfortable with the collar or nervous about going outside. So then you have to condition her to those things as well.