puppy training

  1. J

    New members :)

  2. Barron

    Old man

    My two babies are both 14 years old. One now seems very confused, (like me) and they both are slowing down quite a bit. They are in okay health, they stay thin but rarely run anymore. I know that sometime soon, I will no longer have their company, and it was suggested that I adopt a new puppy...
  3. Barron

    Housebreaking and Dr Marty Beckers choice / Pet Global Winners

    We attended the pet Global Expo and were delighted to find these ten best products. Thank you Dr Becker. 10 Best New Pet Products from Global Pet Expo By vetstreet.com | Pets – Mon, Mar 17, 2014 12:42 PM EDT Email Share49 Print By Dr. Marty Becker | vetstreet.com Pet Health | The...
  4. Barron

    Potty privileges

    I wanted to share this though a friend sent me today. I tried to post it once, but I am new to this site....but my Doxies are old. Sorry if it comes in twice I see so many questions here on house breaking and puppy pads Please allow me to share a thought. I am a dog trainer, and volunteer...
  5. TeckelMama

    Piddling Advice

    Hi All, My 3 month old dachshund, Waldi, is getting the hang of going potty on his pad (after only a week! yay!) but he still piddles... a lot. It usually happens when he gets really excited and usually only around me. My boyfriend said it might be because I'm female, but I've never heard of...
  6. D

    New Puppy Owners

    Hello everyone from Dooley and his new family! We adopted a little boy dachshund over the weekend and know we are in for a wonderful adventure. I am so fully of questions because we want to the take best possible care of our new family member and make sure he and us are both happy and...
  7. W

    New Member, Double the Trouble

    Hello, I am a new member and a new mommy (to two 9 week old male dachshunds) in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada region. My fiance and I had been planning on getting a little wiener dog for a while, and when we went to go check out a posting we saw online we were taken back by the poor conditions...