Potty privileges


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I wanted to share this though a friend sent me today. I tried to post it once, but I am new to this site....but my Doxies are old. Sorry if it comes in twice

I see so many questions here on house breaking and puppy pads
Please allow me to share a thought. I am a dog trainer, and volunteer at the shelter. So many dogs are turned in due to housebreaking issues

I ask you to please consider this
Allow your dog the comfort and dignity of indoor dog toilet. As humans , we need to teach our furry friends what is appropriate behavior so we can co-exist and enjoy each others company, but why execute such control as to tell my dog where and when have to pee?
Have you ever needed to pee really bad but could not find a restroom? Have you ever been sick to your stomach and...well needed to go?
When I am at work my dog has a crate that opens into a large play area. He had chew toys, water and his indoor dog toilet. Piddle Place Home Page - Piddle PlaceI see that he has used it when I am gone, and when I get home we head to the dog park where he is smallest, but full of himself.
I ask that you consider allowing your dog the same privilege that we humans enjoy. Never replace a walk or exercise, just the perfect option for use working folk
Also, those of you that use those nasty puppy pads, they are not sanitary and they wind up in the landfill. Our indoor dog toilet never has an odor, and to clean it we put on the cover, take it to our toilet and open the drain. Simple, sanitary and stress free for my little guy