Piddling Advice


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Hi All,

My 3 month old dachshund, Waldi, is getting the hang of going potty on his pad (after only a week! yay!) but he still piddles... a lot. It usually happens when he gets really excited and usually only around me. My boyfriend said it might be because I'm female, but I've never heard of that. Does anyone else have some experience with piddling dachshund puppies? Is it a puppy thing? Sex thing? Is there any way to train them to hold it in?

Thanks in advance!


Hi lots of puppies piddle when they get excited or if they feel nervous / frightened etc, most grow out of it as they get better bladder control. It definitely doesn't have anything to do with you being female! more likely he sees you as the fun one! The first time I left mine with my daughter for a few hours when I came back she was sooo excited I picked her up and she wee'd all down me! bless. As long as yours is toileting outside I am sure it is something he will soon grow out of. Good luck.