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I am a new member and a new mommy (to two 9 week old male dachshunds) in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada region. My fiance and I had been planning on getting a little wiener dog for a while, and when we went to go check out a posting we saw online we were taken back by the poor conditions these pups were in. As soon as they were able to leave their mum we snatched two of them up (I wish we could have taken the whole litter).

These guys have been through a lot. One of them had his eye scratched in his first weeks and the breeder never treated it, leaving him with a milky right eye and clouded vision. They both have been through Coccidia, and so many worms that their bellies were extremely distended and they were pooping out live worms.

They are on the road to recovery now! Now it a struggle and joy to train them and introduce them to the snow.

I am still learning as these are my first puppies. If any one knows some great resources to learn how to train these guys properly, especially while having two puppies at the same time, please pass it along. Any information is helpful!!

Many thanks and I look forwards to meeting you all.:)


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Hello and welcome! Im from Sweden :)

So sorry to hear what happened to your dogs. But so great that you now will care for them!!


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Hi fellow Canadian!! I am from Edmonton Alberta!! Congrats on your new babies, and we love pictures here so please feel free to post a billion of them!!!


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Hey, another Canuck! Kitchener, Ontario here :D

Congrats on the kids. Piece of advice, train each one separately because they are going to bond more to each other than to you. I also have access to Positive Reinforcement trainers where I work so if you have a question I can bend their ear and get an answer for you.

And yes, pictures please :)


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Welcome! and here's another Canuck! I'm in Alberta as well (and frozen solid!!!)

I would also suggest you socialize the heck out of them with people, and other dogs (though thhe dog thing has to wait until they're healthy and vaccinated) but be careful to socialize them properly, and keep them from getting scared :)

and most of all.... enjoy them!!! I've never had a little puppy, my youngest was 5.5 months old when I adopted her.


How wonderful of you to rescue two of these pups! Lots of good luck..and they are lucky lucky boys!!:)


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Hello from Manitoba!
I am so dieing to see lots of puppy photos!! I have yet to get a puppy and if I was your neighbor, I'd be visiting. lol
Are they longs or smooths? What color?