1. D

    Weiner-Dog the Movie.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE

    Good Afternoon, I am not sure if any of you have heard or seen the movie Weiner-Dog. I made a horrible mistake of watching the movies last night. Not only was it terrible but the ending showed the poor baby being ran over by multiple vehicles.. I am trying to warn anyone that loves their pets...
  2. Tikki

    The Doxie on stilts

    You're a Doxie on stilts so it has been said but why are you barking be quiet instead There is nothing outside and no-one to see so hush little puppy please don't bother me My neighbours are all out so they do not hear but I do and sometimes it's pain to my ear You're a very...
  3. J

    New doxie owner

    Well, I finally found the princess I was looking for, but there are some snags. She doesn't not like my husband at all! This may be a major problem long-term and I'm not sure how to handle this. We've only had her for a few days so I'm hoping it will get better (?) but from the moment she saw...
  4. T

    Agressive 4 month old Doxie

    please help me! I don't know what to do with my Doxie anymore. He is so aggressive for his age! He growls and bares his teeth at me, and lunges at me and bites violently, drawing blood sometimes. We can't walk around the house that he chases us and bites our legs and feet, and our heels. He is...
  5. ishe

    Hey from Mx! Rescued a Doxie, his name is Watson and need some guidance!

    Hello, everyone! A friend sent me a photo of a dog in the streets, all bones, dirty and soaked. See a photo: Instagram He came home a month ago but I have no previous experience with dogs so everything's quite weird for me. Named him Watson (yes, because of the Sherlock Holmes...
  6. hilson

    Give me your opinions please

    Hey everyone. I have been looking for a way that my life can really make a difference in this world, and I have set myself the goal of raising £10,000 (thats UK pounds) in the next 12 months for a charity. I have chosen World Child Cancer... because their tag line really spoke to me: 'because no...