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Hey everyone. I have been looking for a way that my life can really make a difference in this world, and I have set myself the goal of raising £10,000 (thats UK pounds) in the next 12 months for a charity. I have chosen World Child Cancer... because their tag line really spoke to me: 'because no child should suffer'... lump in the throat time for me as a dad of two...

anyway. I looked to my new pet for inspiration and came up with this design, is this the kind of thing that you would want to own/wear? Maybe you could do me a wee favour and share it on facebook or whatever? (hope that last bits not too cheeky!)

The tshirt is a limited design and only going to be available for this weekend. Hope you like it.

I have attached the pic ( I think!?) so if you cant see it then you could have a look on the site itself:

Dachshund Cuddles for the cure design | Teespring