Agressive 4 month old Doxie

please help me! I don't know what to do with my Doxie anymore. He is so aggressive for his age! He growls and bares his teeth at me, and lunges at me and bites violently, drawing blood sometimes. We can't walk around the house that he chases us and bites our legs and feet, and our heels. He is destroying things around the house, seems super agitated, and only calms down and gets mellow when it's bedtime. That is the only time he lets me even come close to touching him.

Hunter's Parade

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I think he is just playing rude.His teeth are changing,thats why he is chewing everything,get him some toys to chew on and some treats,like bully stick.When he bites you direct him to a toy,he needs some activities,some playtime.


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There are treat balls you can buy. Put a few of his kibble in the ball and have him roll the ball around to get them out. A few at a time and keep going until he's had his breakfast or supper. It will help to burn off some energy.

Be sure to have him neutered when the vet advises.

Can you start taking him to puppy classes?


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If a dog is "aggressive" then your first thought should be to go to the vet. A dog in pain can be aggressive.
If he is understimulated he will have rough play, then you need to get him a "Job", something to do, that makes him important and let him have a task. Bloodtracking is exellent. Rally-O can be a great sport to start training for. Even as young dogs as yours can begin trainging with positiv methods. Nose-work is fantastic brain-games.

Good Luck!