The Doxie on stilts


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You're a Doxie on stilts
so it has been said
but why are you barking
be quiet instead

There is nothing outside
and no-one to see
so hush little puppy
please don't bother me

My neighbours are all out
so they do not hear
but I do and sometimes
it's pain to my ear

You're a very good girl
when you want to be
but you do like to bark
and do it with glee

It is really not nice
when I say please hush
then you turn and you smile
and I melt to mush


So cute and so true. You are a poet!

By the way, I can't figure out what I am supposed to do to accept the friend request. I am not very good with computers.


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Thank you for liking my little poem. :)

Regarding the friend request, I have sent you a PM explaining it and what to do.