New doxie owner


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Well, I finally found the princess I was looking for, but there are some snags. She doesn't not like my husband at all! This may be a major problem long-term and I'm not sure how to handle this. We've only had her for a few days so I'm hoping it will get better (?) but from the moment she saw me, she has been glued to me. How to they get attached so fast?? She's 4 months old and we're in the deep, dark recesses of housebreaking.


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Hi and welcome! What a little doll! A big congrats on the new baby.
You've only had her a few days so it takes time to settle in. Everything is scarey including your hubby, especially if the breeder was a lady. Try not to worry about that.

We have a red pie girl that just turned 1. Still very much a puppy. At the end of the day my hubby would have some nice chewy thing and just settle her down on his lap, with blanket and chew, and just hold her. He gave her a calm energy and safe place and now when he sits down she's very happy to cuddle with him.

Looking forward to a lot more pics!