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  1. PauSharkey

    Is my puppy longhair, wirehair, or short hair?

    I picked up my puppy 3 weeks ago, and we bought her as a short hair dachshund. Both her parents were short hair, but over the past few weeks I've noticed her hair is growing. She doesn't look like the long hair puppies I've googled, but her hair seems a fair bit longer than the short hair...
  2. S

    Getting new puppy used to kids

    Hi. My family just got our second ever dachshund. My husband and I had one from when doxie was 2 until he finally passed 16, when our son was 3. My son is now 7 and we got a new puppy (4 months), Murray, just 4 days ago. Initially, he seemed very chill with children. All the neighborhood kids...
  3. F

    Isabella Tan bred with Silver Dapple

    I am considering purchasing a dog from a litter where the mom is a standard size isabella tan and the dad is a mini silver dapple. I know isabella's can have health issues, this mom seems to be healthy. I am curious if anyone has experience with isabella/dapple puppies? Is an isabella not bread...
  4. K

    Constant urination at 9 weeks, advice needed please.

    We have had our puppy for just 6 days, she is gorgeous. She pees constantly. We've had her tested by the vet for a uti, and she's been on antibiotics for 48 hours. The vet also raised the possibility of a congenital deformity of the urethra/kidneys, requiring extensive tests and surgery. I am...
  5. C

    Raw Diet??

    New here, picking up my first dachshund puppy on Sunday. I'm interested in doing a raw diet but I don't know exactly where to start and what's acceptable. I was hoping someone would thoroughly be able to help me out in this department with advice and information. For example: what are the...
  6. Alexis K.

    Mini Doxie & Golden Retriever Pup

    I recently moved back into my mom's house for a few months with my mini daschund, Oakley, who is 12 weeks old, and she has a 3 month old golden retriever (but very big). He is constantly on top of Oakley. They play "normal" puppy play, with the big dog pawing him and moving him around and...
  7. M

    New puppy

    I brought home a dachshund puppy yesterday. I am having problems with my 8 year old dachshund showing aggressive behavior toward her. Anyone with similar experiences that can offer advice?
  8. P

    Can Provide Home for a Wirehaired Pupppy

    My husband and I are looking to purchase/adopt a wirehaired puppy. If you know a puppy in the New York/New England area in need of a home, please let me know!
  9. C

    New dachshund owner looking for advice!

    Hi there! I am a new dachshund owner and new to this fourm. My dogs name is Raylan and he is a 10 week old male mini dachshund. I owned previous dogs but not a dachshund. I am having a very hard time crate training Raylan. I introduced it very positively to him, toys, treats, playing in the...
  10. Carl Belken

    Hello From Missouri USA

    Hi All, I just found this website a few minutes ago and I just HAD to join! How I came to be a Dachshund owner is as unusual as the breed itself yet at the same time it's so typical Dachshund. I am a 60ish disabled married man who lives in a tiny little village on the Missouri River. A...
  11. E

    Puppy Food

    Good Evening! Trying to decide on a food for my baby girl. Her breeder sent Diamond Natural with her but she didn't really like it. The past few days she's been eating Blue Buffalo Grain Free Puppy but I'm hearing bad reviews. I would love some advice on what my girl should be eating! Thanks!
  12. L

    6 week old fell off the couch!

    My 6 week old puppy, Carlos, was asleep and I got up to get him some food and seconds later I heard him fall off the arm of the couch onto hard tile. At first, his jaw seemed to be locked up but seconds later he was fine. Walks around fine. Acts normal. Eating fine. I rubbed all around his...
  13. J

    Will my 2 year old doxie welcome a puppy?

    Hello! I have a beautiful 2 year old doxie female who is a mommy's girl. She is always by my side, is very protective and loyal to me. I am gone for long periods in the day sometime and I notice she is always laying in the same place when I leave as when I get home at night, she seems to get...
  14. TeckelMama

    Piddling Advice

    Hi All, My 3 month old dachshund, Waldi, is getting the hang of going potty on his pad (after only a week! yay!) but he still piddles... a lot. It usually happens when he gets really excited and usually only around me. My boyfriend said it might be because I'm female, but I've never heard of...
  15. H

    Please help Kira?

    <img src="http://i47.tinypic.com/2ntbt3p.jpg"> Meet Kira, a 6 month old mini dachshund, has been diagnosed with the neurological disease Hydrocephalus. Help give her a second chance at life! Her owner has spent most of her money just to get her diagnoses and is desperately needing help for...
  16. S

    Need advice from those who've raised a Dachshund Puppy

    Hi, After losing our beloved 6 year old Dachshund recently, we decided to get a new puppy Dachshund. Our other Dachshund we acquired at about a year old so we never saw him at the puppy stages. Our new boy, Toby, is 9 weeks old. We brought him home a week ago from a very reputable breeder...
  17. jazzaria

    Hi everyone!!!

    Well as we can all tell I am new here..... I am owned by a beautiful double dapple mini dachshund named Spekkle! She is the most loving little pain in the ass I have ever met (next to my kids)!! Spekkle is 4 months old... And she is both deaf and has some slight vision impairments.... She is...