Constant urination at 9 weeks, advice needed please.


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We have had our puppy for just 6 days, she is gorgeous. She pees constantly. We've had her tested by the vet for a uti, and she's been on antibiotics for 48 hours. The vet also raised the possibility of a congenital deformity of the urethra/kidneys, requiring extensive tests and surgery. I am not willing to do this right off the bat, we just bought her! The breeder has offered to have her returned if the antibiotics are unsuccessful.

I just want to know what's normal at this age to understand if I am expecting too much. We were told we would be receiving a puppy fully toilet trained to accident level. She is peeing everywhere except the pads. Literally everywhere she goes, there isnt a spot she favours. When I stay with her outside she pees but I think this is a coincedence.

As an indication I just took her out to pee. She peed 4 times in 10 minutes. Then she has come in and had 3 on the pad, and 2 on the ground. So I've been home about 2 hours and she's peed 9 times. Is this excessive? She poops twice a day, have managed to get her outside for the most part. She doesn't seem toilet trained to me at all, however she may not be able to help it. I have no faith I can train her with this level of accident and lack of warning signs.

Before I traumatise my children by returning a puppy we already love, I just want to know if this is truly abnormal. They are fairly large pees each time. She is not wetting her bed, she gets up and goes right in front. Troubling things are peeing next to her food bowl, sleeping on pee stained puppy pads and peeing on her teddy. It's like she has no control.


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In my own personal opinion it seems like she's peeing in excess. How much water is she drinking? It could be she's drinking a lot of water and at 9 weeks her bladder is very small and doesn't have the holding power of an older dog. If she's drinking an excessive amount of water it could be something to do with her kidneys.

I'm not sure why the breeder would have told you she was house trained, at 9 weeks old she will be far from house trained.

I would maybe get the vet to check out her kidneys.