potty training

  1. K

    Constant urination at 9 weeks, advice needed please.

    We have had our puppy for just 6 days, she is gorgeous. She pees constantly. We've had her tested by the vet for a uti, and she's been on antibiotics for 48 hours. The vet also raised the possibility of a congenital deformity of the urethra/kidneys, requiring extensive tests and surgery. I am...
  2. T

    My introduction... and problem

    Hi everyone, my name is Ted and my wife and I own a dachshund mix and a mini dachshund. The mix is 6 years old, and she is a very smart dog as well as avid hunter of all critters large and small. Her name is KC and she just a wonderful dog. Our mini is 7 months old and is a beautiful dog...
  3. Barron

    new puppy needs housebreaking

    why does this always happen when I am walking around barefoot! My new puppy is getting an indoor dog toilet.
  4. Barron

    Potty privileges

    I wanted to share this though a friend sent me today. I tried to post it once, but I am new to this site....but my Doxies are old. Sorry if it comes in twice I see so many questions here on house breaking and puppy pads Please allow me to share a thought. I am a dog trainer, and volunteer...
  5. TeckelMama

    Piddling Advice

    Hi All, My 3 month old dachshund, Waldi, is getting the hang of going potty on his pad (after only a week! yay!) but he still piddles... a lot. It usually happens when he gets really excited and usually only around me. My boyfriend said it might be because I'm female, but I've never heard of...
  6. A

    pregnant with four crazy weenies!

    my boyfriend and i have four dachshunds - dexter (3 years in june), margot (3 years in july), max (2 years in august) and stewie (first birthday is 2/22!). we have tried everything we can think of to get them potty trained and absolutely nothing has worked plus dexter has recently developed some...