Mini Doxie & Golden Retriever Pup

Alexis K.

New Member
I recently moved back into my mom's house for a few months with my mini daschund, Oakley, who is 12 weeks old, and she has a 3 month old golden retriever (but very big). He is constantly on top of Oakley. They play "normal" puppy play, with the big dog pawing him and moving him around and putting his mouth around his neck, biting his private areas, his ears, etc. but should I be worried about my doxie's safety? I get nervous the entire time they are playing, because the bigger dog is known to be a little too much at times, yet my mom says puppies have instincts and they will not hurt each other, at least intentionally. What are your thoughts? During the day I have a baby gate up separating the two, but should I let them play and let the newness wear off for the golden so he calms down around him? I'm mostly concerned about Oakley's back, not him being bit. Thanks!! :)