older dogs

  1. B

    Training older dog to pee pad

    I have 2 older dachshunds -- 13 years old. The Male, Mac, has started having trouble not being able to go as long without being let out to pee. This is no problem when we are home, as we take him out any time he needs. A few times over the last month, we have come home to find one of them...
  2. W

    17 Year old Dachshund Screaming/Wining

    Hi everyone, I have a 17 year old miniature short haired dachshund named Willow. She just turned 17 on May 3rd! She has shown the typical signs of aging, eye sight weakening, losing weight, walking slowly, hearing loss. All she really does now is sleep and goes outside once a day to do her...
  3. Alexis K.

    Mini Doxie & Golden Retriever Pup

    I recently moved back into my mom's house for a few months with my mini daschund, Oakley, who is 12 weeks old, and she has a 3 month old golden retriever (but very big). He is constantly on top of Oakley. They play "normal" puppy play, with the big dog pawing him and moving him around and...