1. M

    New puppy

    I brought home a dachshund puppy yesterday. I am having problems with my 8 year old dachshund showing aggressive behavior toward her. Anyone with similar experiences that can offer advice?
  2. O

    Dash with Tourrette's syndrome?

    Anyone's dash behave like it has tourrette's? Almost like he's seeing things in the air. Really weird behavior....
  3. B

    Selective Sleeper?

    This is my first post hope it's a good one! In basic, I'm around my friends dachshund Oscar 24/7, when owner is present,the dog is mostly by him. But when I fall asleep Oscar prefers to sleep with me on the floor. Any ideas as to why he does this?
  4. D

    Furniture Jumping

    So I need some input on Dooley jumping off furniture, especially the couch and bed. He has only done this once or twice because I keep my hands pretty close when he is sitting with me on both of them. However, he would jump if I didn't do that. Is it ok for them to jump? Should they never jump...
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    Hi Everyone! I got lots of questions!

    I have been a proud Dachshund owner for almost 2 years now, but as you can tell I'm new to the forum. Currently I have 2 beautiful dachshunds and I'm about to add a third. Athena is a 2 year old long haired black and tan dapple with one blue eye and one brown eye. I think shes a small...