Hi Everyone! I got lots of questions!


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I have been a proud Dachshund owner for almost 2 years now, but as you can tell I'm new to the forum.

Currently I have 2 beautiful dachshunds and I'm about to add a third.
Athena is a 2 year old long haired black and tan dapple with one blue eye and one brown eye. I think shes a small standard or a large mini because she weighs about 13 lbs or so. Im actually not sure if she is a long hair or a mix because i had a long hair before, and compared to him she has shorter and more rough and coarse hair. she does not have the tell-tale beard or eyebrows that a wirehair would have, but her body hair just isnt silky smooth or long like a typical long hair. She also exhibits almost none of the typical Dachshund behaviors, such as barking at other dogs, burying herself under the sheets, and digging. Ive never caught her doing any of those things and she even is a natural at playing fetch whereas all the other Dachshunds ive owned had any interest in fetch. If anyone knows anything about these issues please let me know. I will have pictures of her and the other dogs up soon.

My second dachshund is Odin. He is a smooth haired red coat. He is about 6 years old according to the vet. I rescued him about 4 months ago from a dog hoarder. Hes a little underweight but I'm still working on that with him. Surprisingly, he has never had an accident in the house and is very calm. He does have typical Dachshund behavior like barking at the dog on the other side of the fence, digging under the fence, sleeping under blankets, and so on. And he just looks at me like im a fool if I try to play fetch with him.

This weekend I will be adding the third Dachshund to our family, Cali. She is a 6 month old long haired chocolate and tan dapple dachshund with one blue eye and one green eye. I dont know much about her other than the breeder doesnt want her anymore because she has developed a slight underbite. Im not sure if this is a health concern for her and something that needs to be taken care of by the vet.

I am not a breeder and have all my dogs fixed. They are all just family dogs and most of the time I end up getting dogs from familys that had puppies by accident and are not breeders. The new dog, Cali, will actually be the first dog I've had that is even registered. Speaking of registration, is there a way that I can register my current dogs without knowing their lineage?

Well thanks for reading my thread and I hope to hear from everyone eventually. Dont hesitate to send me a message or anything if you have questions for me or advice. Have a great day!


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Your dogs sound beautiful cant wait to see pictures :)

As for your questions about Athena. My doxie Jax, he's a smooth hair silver dapple. He's 10 weeks. he hasnt barked yet. But he does play fetch! He also does the digging, and burrowing himself in blankets.
I did have a red smooth coat mini before, she had most of the typical doxie attributes, but she didn't bark much at all.
I think its more or less with the personality of the dog, than the breed itself (i could be wrong) But i dont think you have much to worry about.


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Hey thanks for the reply!

Your puppy is very cute! I am definetely a fan of the Dapples, especially long hairs. I was worried about athena perhaps not being a purebred dachshund because of her coat that really doesnt fall into any of the three categories and then the lack of typical dachshund behavior. I bought her at a small puppy store that sells dogs pretty cheap because they get their puppies primarily from non-breeders and dont register the puppies. They told me that she was a purebred dachshund but there is no paperwork to back that up. She definetely has the body of a purebred dachshund, so i suspected maybe she had a long haired parent and another that was wire hair or smooth coat. Im considering doing a DNA test just to make sure. either way i love her just the way she is.


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Your welcome :) And thank you! I love dapples as well, I was so excited to get him!
The mix between a long haired and a wired hair doxie could be very possible, and would explain why her fur isn't like a typical long haired.

I got mine pretty cheap to, from someone who bred her dogs. the father is a wired hair, and the mother is a smooth coat. So far he's smooth :)


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My 10 year old (got her when she was 6) from a puppymill that was shut down. She does not bark, she does bury herself, she DOES NOT play fetch or anything for that matter... she sleeps.. that is what she does LOL.


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Hi and welcome! I have four (Nola- smooth red sable female, Boston-red dapple female, Auggie-red dilute male and Phoenix-black and tan female).
As for the questions:
Can't tell if she's pure or not without pictures, but not all Dachshunds have the typical temperament. My pure female dapple loves fetch, is a social butterfly with other dogs and people and almost never burrows.
As for what size she'd be if she's pure, she'd technically be a standard. Dogs over 11lbs but under 16lbs are often referred too as Tweenies; too big for minis and too small for successful show standards. I have two Tweenies, one Mini and I suspect the puppy will be a Mini as well.
Fur: she could be the offspring of a long to smooth or long to wire breeding. Mixing the coat types can mess with the fur.

Unless it's a severe underbite there should be no problem. It's just not wanted in the show ring; you want a nice scissor bite.

Registering: If your dogs aren't AKC reg. but are still pure, you can get something called a Purebred Alternative Listing from them (I'll be getting that for my Nola soon). Here's a link Purebred Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privilege
Can't wait for pictures:D


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Another dapple fan here! My boy is a smooth black n tan dapple :)

Long hairs tend to have a more laid back personality than the smooths or wires - this I have witnessed before. My friend has 2 longies and they were pretty chill while my guy lost his mind over something that neither of us could see :S As for the coarse feeling of her hair, it could be a mixing of the coats - one smooth parent, one long parent since a smooths coat tends to be more "coarse" than a longs. Now it's tricky with a wire crossed to a long, cause you can get something called a "silky" but that's another topic entirely :D

As for registrations, Nola's got it right on the head. With the Canadian Kennel Club, it's called an PEN or Performance Event Number. I have one for my guy. I had to have him neutered (which I had already had done) take some photos and have my vet sign the photos saying that he was indeed a dachshund. Then send all of that, plus the registration paper and the fee to have it processed. It allows you to compete in things like Earth dog, agility, tracking etc. Just not the confirmation classes.