Selective Sleeper?


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This is my first post hope it's a good one!
In basic, I'm around my friends dachshund Oscar 24/7, when owner is present,the dog is mostly by him. But when I fall asleep Oscar prefers to sleep with me on the floor. Any ideas as to why he does this?


Hi and welcome from the UK!

Dachshunds are very faithful to their owners but they also love to snuggle and curl up next to someone for warmth and comfort. When my son visits my dachshund is always pleased to see him and if he falls asleep on the settee you can guarantee that's where she will be lol!


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I second what Nell said. My dachshund Dr Watson is a total momma's boy. He loves his daddy, but mostly for playtime and sometimes cuddles. With me though, he can never wait until my lap and hands are free from my laptop and phone, and will hop right up and fall asleep. They're funny little dogs, and even if they love everyone in the family, they'll always have a favorite.