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Hello, my dachshund is named Pongo. He is a red, longhaired tweenie. He is a little over 2 years old now. We live out in the country where there are lots of mice and he tends to catch a few every week. He is so dedicated to being our mouser that he will spend all day outside "hunting"... it's his favorite thing in the whole world. Pongo can do all of the standard tricks (rolling over is his favorite, he'll do it anytime he is excited :)), he has a bucket of "babies" that he knows by their names (he is so much smarter than I ever knew dachshunds could be... bad stereotype, they are soooo smart!), he hates car rides, and loves everyone! He is my first dachshund and the experience has been amazing so far. He joined the family and immediately fell in love with our mutt, Fred, our cockatiel, Sunny, and the horses, Max & Fame (he loves to sneak his head into their buckets and steal some sweet feed). After dinner every night he runs laps around the living room as fast as he can to try and get Fred to play with him, he has such a personality. Our dogs have their own room that they sleep in (the laundry room... nothing fancy) and every morning our early riser, Mom, lets them out and he will then lay waiting for me to wake up at the top of the stairs. I'm so ridiculous, I give him all sorts of little names like little man, big boy, monster, pongs, The Mouse Killer... anything I hear I will work his name into too. He also has his own song I sing to him that he knows is his, "Pongo, monster. Pongo, monster." He is my life, he has been there for me when I've been down, he is the best study buddy ever and he never complains (even when I do) about going on a jog... I hope everyone has a relationship with their pups like ours!
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Hello and welcome! :)
Manu knows his toys by name also!! Sometimes i line them up and ask him to bring them to me one by one. :) Dachshunds really are smart..
Hello to Pongo from Sweden and Alf :) Good luck hunting! We are testing Alf on real hunting on dears and rabbits. We hope he has talent.
Hello and Welcome!

I have 2 little mini dachshunds, both rescues, both shorthaired Double Dapples, both deaf and both with some form of vision impairment. I adopted the second after I fell in love with Mouse. I never used to like them, but now? I cant see my life without them! They are amazing little dogs!

Mouse, my deaf and nearly totally blind baby likes a good Mousehunt too! she's even caught one! And who said she was disabled! LOL
Hello "from Colorado" :) I'm Reggy's Mom from New Mexico :) . Please to meet you. I can relate to all you said about your precious boy. I have many names for our Reggy. It's so funny I even will whistle his name " like in Cinderella" the little birds whistle at her to wake up. He comes runnin. I call him Regmont, Reginator, meemee, smaaarmi,smarms, lol because when he plays he makes these sounds like 'smaaarrrm smaaarmm" LOL it's way funny and I too am rediculous!! But he loves all his names and come a wigglin. :) He's our buddy and fills a spot in our heart that only belongs to him. :) Oh and he also will stealthfully sneak up on doves and catch them, if he can get away with it by me LOL. Doves have toooo many calories in them. Another reason he was not loosing weight. Anyhooo welcome :)