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  • Hello, I now have a translation button on my blog so if you want to follow my boys you are welcome :) echosierra
    Yes he is a handfull, so full of energy. Hes 8 months old but not housebroken. So its back to basics. Every hour we go outside :) He does fantastic. He is so loving and happy about people. And tooooooo cute.
    Haha oh sorry! Theo is a new boy. We dont have rescues in sweden but he is one. Saw an add on Internet. He was brought back to his breeder after she heard from relatives that the new owner was harsh on him and didnt take him outside. He was skinny and afraind when she got him back. She didnt want to sell him off again but she visited us and wanted him to stay with us :) He is so happy! But full of energy! Sweetest thing. :)
    Oh so fun for you!! It will be so much more fun with the dogs, you will be surprised of how good their noses are. The hardest thing is to trust the dog, they KNOW what they are doing... :)
    Thank you! :) Manu was about a year old when his hair was in this length. But his coat has changed a lot this winter.. Unfortunately it's a little bit curly now...... Maybe he'll grow a better summer-coat. ;)
    Such a pretty dog! I keep wondering if my Frankie's hair will get that long. How old was yours when it got that long?
    Mickey's coat still might grow long since he's so young. :) But as you said, no matter what their coats look like, we love them so much! :)
    Thank you! His coat is more thick than long like your puppy. I was hoping that Mickey's coat would grow long but I don't think it will. But I'm totally in love with him!
    Alf says thank you :) No we dont have to go to dog shows for him to be a bloodtracking champion but the other way around. He must have a clear first test (anlagsprov) to be abel to go to the hunting class on dog shows, only in hunting class they get the CERT for champion titel... :)
    Thank you! Here is Manu (Varaventtiilin Firefox) in finnish kennel site:

    He is a merle, although you can't see the grey spots anymore. He only has grey stripes in his ears, grey chest hair and some spots on his face. :)

    I think Alf is very handsome too. Have you been to dogshows with him? Do you have to go to a dogshow in Sweden if you want the dog to be a bloodtracking champion? In Finland you have to.
    Hello really nice dog you have. Beautifull coat. Where is he from? Is he a merle? /Sofia
    Thank you!! :)
    Manu looked like Mickey when he was a baby, so they will propably look alike as adults too. :)
    I love the looks of your doxie. I hope my Mickey looks like that when he grows up!
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