Daily 4AM Wake Up Call


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We have a four month old dachshund that is waking us up every morning between 4AM - 4:30AM. We let him whine a few minutes to make sure he isn't dreaming etc. and then take him out of his kennel to go potty. He does his business right away BUT when we put him back in the kennel he cries. We ignore his cries but he will continue. I will get him up at 6AM to eat breakfast which he does with gusto and THEN wants to go back to sleep (usually in the bed with us). He eats supper at 6pm at night and has walk and play time until we all head to bed about 10PM. Any ideas, suggestions,etc.


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no cure

He wants to be with you every second, doesn't matter what you are doing. Our doxi sleeps with us and he is quiet all night. Dachshunds never want to be alone. That's where their loyalty is.


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I agree. Our dachshund sleeps with us too and we have only been woken up for "emergency" potty breaks at night. Maybe try that or put him in the same room with you (if he isn't already). They are extremely loyal like crystal said so I recommend keeping him with you. Our puppy is only 4 mo. old too and sleeps through the night (8-10 hours) before having to go outside again. We also take him out immediately before we go to bed and immediately when we wake up. Sometimes I don't even get to pee before him! lol
We've been struggling with this the past several months. PD was on prednizone for back pain for longer than we wanted. He became food aggressive, and we've had to start feeding him in another room.

PD has also been waking us up at 4:30 for breakfast. He's on reduced levels of prednizone now, but I'm afraid the 4:30 wake up call has become a habit.


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Wandering Man ~ I can feel your pain. We are new to the whole puppy world so not sure if we should try to stretch him out with waiting to eat at 6am (preferable 7am) or feed him at the time he wake up since he goes right back to sleep. Don't want to develop a bad habit if he could make it until 6 or 7 and be fine.
Things are a little crazy in our home right now, so we really haven't done a good job of fixing this. In addition to PD's back and stomach problems we are in the middle of moving from Aransas Pass to Victoria. I still have to work in both places, so we have been living a couple of days in Aransas Pass, and a few days in Victoria. Sometimes we are all together, and sometimes I take off and leave the dogs and Kathy.

PD and Frank are doing pretty well, considering the chaos, but there are indications that they don't quite understand what is going on. PD has become more possessive, Frank has become more nervous.

This will continue until we sell our house in Aransas Pass, which will let us buy a house in Victoria, and finally settle down.