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    6 month old won’t sleep anymore?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me. My miniature dachshund has always had separation anxiety and this affects her a lot during bed time. When we got her we tried to crate train her and it was very on and off, at first she would only sleep in the crate if it was in my room and then...
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    Dog Waking Earlier & Earlier

    We have an 18 month dachshund that up until 3 weeks ago had been doing great with sleeping through the night. Dooley sleeps in the bed with us and had been perfectly happy sleeping until between 6:30-7:00am. About three weeks ago that starting becoming earlier and earlier. He started waking...
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    Daily 4AM Wake Up Call

    We have a four month old dachshund that is waking us up every morning between 4AM - 4:30AM. We let him whine a few minutes to make sure he isn't dreaming etc. and then take him out of his kennel to go potty. He does his business right away BUT when we put him back in the kennel he cries. We...