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    Training older dog to pee pad

    I have 2 older dachshunds -- 13 years old. The Male, Mac, has started having trouble not being able to go as long without being let out to pee. This is no problem when we are home, as we take him out any time he needs. A few times over the last month, we have come home to find one of them...
  2. J

    Dog naps in sunny lawn spots, despite pee. Would color help?

    We live in Az. Our Neville loves lying in the sun for naps on our patio, which is a small, walled area with potted plants, some shade, and green artificial turf. He loves lying on the turf, even in spots where he has peed in the past. The ground is pretty forgiving, but he comes inside with an...
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    Serious problems with two dogs

    Hhhhhh hhhhhhhhi
  4. A

    Neutering after math! Need advice

    I waited until my little guy was 5 1/2 months old and both testicles had dropped before gettig him neutered. Ever since he has been peeing in places he never went before. He always marked on the walls in one hallway and no where else, but since his surgery he has peed on beds, in his kennel on...