Dog naps in sunny lawn spots, despite pee. Would color help?


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We live in Az. Our Neville loves lying in the sun for naps on our patio, which is a small, walled area with potted plants, some shade, and green artificial turf. He loves lying on the turf, even in spots where he has peed in the past. The ground is pretty forgiving, but he comes inside with an odor sometimes. I know dogs don’t see green and wonder whether a blue mat in one spot would encourage him to differentiate it as a bed / nap / no-pee zone. Has anyone tried using color to influence behavioral choices?

(Our attempt at a shell game seemed more about smelling a treat hidden under one of three colored bowls, not about memory or color choices...)

Occasionally, we spray a natural enzymatic product on the turf to reduce odor and/or hose it with water. He usually does his business on walks elsewhere, but the patio gets a fair share.




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Try spraying a product called OdoBan, (normally available at Walmart when the shelves are not so empty,) on the turf. Let it dry and then hose off the area. You may have to do this several times. It actually eliminates the odor causing smell, even for dogs. Maybe you could put a small blanket or dog bed on your patio when he goes out there to nap. You could walk him elsewhere to eliminate before allowing him on your patio. If he can't smell the previous areas he has used, and normally dogs to do not like to soil their beds, he may take up napping on the blanket or dog bed.


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I use distilled white vinegar to deodorize and sanitize pretty much everything. It's natural and works well. Use a spray bottle with 50% vinegar and 50% water, spray the area, let it sit for an hour and then hose it down. You can also spray your dog's fur with this and just wipe him down with a paper towel. FYI - your dog probably thinks he smells great. His idea of what smells good is much different than yours.