Neutering after math! Need advice


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I waited until my little guy was 5 1/2 months old and both testicles had dropped before gettig him neutered. Ever since he has been peeing in places he never went before. He always marked on the walls in one hallway and no where else, but since his surgery he has peed on beds, in his kennel on his own blanket, and on the couch. He wasnt acting like himself today so I am concerned it could be a UTI! He didnt pee nearly a much today, and has had diahhrea for two days with no change in his diet. Anyone else have this happen/advice? The soonest appt I can get him is in two weeks im scared if it IS a UTI it will cause him some serious damage :(



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It could be a UTI, but honestly just sounds like he's "marking." If his testicles dropped completely he might have a little testosterone in his body still. My vet sent me home with a packet talking about that vary issue. Potty training after neutering always becomes completely different, especially for males I've noticed. Just watch him and limit the areas he can hang out in your house. Make sure you can see him at all times. Deeply clean the new areas he has been sneaking off to as well.

We waited the same amount of time and our little boy was very similar. He didn't have a UTI but he was feeling a tad freaked out. It took about a week of me constantly watching him like he was 8 weeks old again to remind him OUTSIDE is for peeing not inside. Hang in there. Dachshunds often relapse in potty training and can take up to a 1 year to be trained - and even then can still have the occasional accident. They are very stubborn. :D


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I had one little guy do what you describe and one that went off without a hitch. Dachshunds are finicky. Hang in there.