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  1. J

    I need ideas

    We rescued our doxie from a home when she was approx. 4 months old. she is about a year and a half now. The original owners would keep her and her sister in a box all day while at work and beat them when they went to the bathroom in the house. So they were never potty trained. They would get...
  2. sherlock

    Help with teaching "hush"???

    Dr. Watson (1 yr) is a serial barker...we live in an apartment, so we can often hear people outside talking or coming and going. He likes to bark at them. He likes to bark when I come into the living room (when he's in his crate). It's the worst when someone (myself, SO, or roommate) comes home...
  3. cinnadip

    brough my dog to my apartment

    we lived in a house with 6 dogs at one time but we onl had 2 both dachshunds a female would have been 4 and a male 3. we were in the process of moving because one of us got a job and had to move but our dogs stayed at the house while we were in the hotel for a month we went back every weekend...
  4. S

    Need advice from those who've raised a Dachshund Puppy

    Hi, After losing our beloved 6 year old Dachshund recently, we decided to get a new puppy Dachshund. Our other Dachshund we acquired at about a year old so we never saw him at the puppy stages. Our new boy, Toby, is 9 weeks old. We brought him home a week ago from a very reputable breeder...