1. M

    New puppy

    I brought home a dachshund puppy yesterday. I am having problems with my 8 year old dachshund showing aggressive behavior toward her. Anyone with similar experiences that can offer advice?
  2. T

    Agressive 4 month old Doxie

    please help me! I don't know what to do with my Doxie anymore. He is so aggressive for his age! He growls and bares his teeth at me, and lunges at me and bites violently, drawing blood sometimes. We can't walk around the house that he chases us and bites our legs and feet, and our heels. He is...
  3. J

    Serious problems with two dogs

    Hhhhhh hhhhhhhhi
  4. sdw1961

    Aggressive Bitting

    I’ve been approached about a problem with a 5 year old male Dachshund named Zane that is currently being fostered in a home with many other dogs. He was neutered through the rescue. His original family had him since he was a pup and when they surrendered him they said it was because they...