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    Kiki & Mokka videos

    They are SO cute!!
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    Stranger Agression.. 1 year old foster

    Awe! What a cutie!! It's great you are going to formally adopt him :) Charlie has gotten to be like that too :( He was socialized (puppy school and out to public places a few times a week) and never abused but he barks at people and dogs he doesn't know...A LOT. If we are with a group of dogs...
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    Thanks! I actually do use that one but never noticed the feature. And thank you for being the only one to say "hi"!!
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    OH MY DOG!! This is the best! I've been looking for an app to do things like this (the pups have an Instagram page haha). What did you use? Thank you!! :D
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    Raw feeding

    They need some variety and at least 2 organs. Mine get lean pork in the morning; chicken wing, fish or rabbit for lunch (they will go to 2 meals once Piper is 2) and a ground beef mix that has chicken, beef, liver, kidney, green tripe and their supplements. Buying in bulk to keep it cheaper...
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    Hopping when running

    Charlie has a little hoppity skip (as we call it haha). He does it less and less now. He is 2. I have thought about bringing it up to the vet but it has lessened a lot. If he starts up more at any time I will look deeper into it.
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    Chocolate and Tan dapple or...???

    Piper (black) has similar markings and Charlie (chocolate) has hazel eyes. Both are standard dapples...anything with any type of speckle is a dapple :) The two sides of Piper :P
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    Hi everyone! My name is Karen and i'm from south Florida. I joined a couple years ago when I first got Charlie. We've added Piper to our family since then. Charlie is 2 and a brown dapple long haired mini. Piper is just about to be 11 months black dapple long haired mini. They have 3 feline...
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    Raw feeding

    A lot of people don't understand that giving raw food is not going to kill their dog and it's not all their fault. Most traditional vets believe that and push the food they get money to sell. A lot of people also don't have the resources, time or freezer space to dedicate to feeding raw. I am in...
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    Tucker would like to say hello!

    Oh my goodness! What a cutie pie!! I'm sorry about what your ex did...divorces can really bring out the ugly in people but now you can give all your love to Tucker and he will love you forever right back!
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    Well I did it

    What a pretty girl she is!!
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    Hi from Florida!!!

    He Nell! Thanks! The one we are looking at is a smooth ,reverse dapple boy :) He is 4 weeks old He is located in Florida so I am very happy that we will be able to pick him up and check out where he comes from. Just a little nervous over putting a deposit on him when we won't be able to check...
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    Hi from Florida!!!

    Hello everyone :) My name is Karen and my husband and I are a few steps away from getting a cute lil dachshund!! We have 3 Persian cats now who are our babies. Hubby wasn't a cat person at all ...until he met me :D. He grew up with a dachshund and has really wanted one for awhile. I'm headed...