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Waking Puppy to Pee


New Member
Feb 27, 2013
We have a new 8 week old puppy that we are crate training for housebreaking. I am interested in knowing if I should wake Dooley when he is sleep (during the day) every hour to take him outside or let him sleep and then take him as soon as he wakes up? I want to do what is best for him so advice is greatly appreciated.
I agree don't wake him. However I wouldn't give him any attention or affection or love when he wake up. Take him right outside..... Then LOTS of praise afterwards. This way he'll look forward to potty outside and get all the love, and warm affection afterwards. Dogs just eat that up.
Thanks Matthew. That is what I have been doing. I take him right out (saying his command at the door and when we get to his "special" area) and then giving him a treat and lots of love and praise when he "does his business". He's doing well so far.
I agree, wait till he wakes up. The only time I ever had woken my puppy up to go out, is when I had to go somewhere. That way he had a chance to go before I left.
Other than that, wait. Then take him out right away, once finished give him a treat and highly praise. He'll get the idea soon enough that going potty outside means lots of lovin :)
We would have to wake up Dr. Watson to potty when he was little because we figured out that he would actually peepee in his sleep, without waking up! I mean, we wouldn't get up in the middle of the night to take him out, but if he was sleeping during the day I would wake him.

I would say if you think your little guy is doing this, wake him. But if not, just wait :)