Starting all over again?


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As some of u guys know my puppy had parvo last month, she is recovering well i took her to the vet and the dirst thing they said is.. I do t know how she is still alive... Which is amazing to me, anyways she lost her sight and for some weeks but recovered it. But not her hearin. She was potty training but seems tht she forgot every single thing!!!! Its like starting all over do u guys jnow any sites or how do i di to train her to be a good dog since she can hear ive seen some amazing things dogs can do even with hearing or sight problems i dont want lili to stay stuck.. Thanks


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Oh ya if u saw her today u would never have known she was that sick!!!! She back to her nirmal crazy, hyper self!!!


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Deaf truly is easy. It's not an issue, except that you need to get up when she's off doing something you dont want.

These are some of the best resources for deaf dogs
D2Care, Deaf Dog Connections, Advocacy, Resources & Education, Inc.
deafdogs : The deafdogs mailing list is for people with dogs that are deaf.

And there are a ton of how to videos for training deaf dogs on You Tube.

As to housetraining a deaf dog, it's really no different that housetraining a hearing dog. Keep her leashed to you, take her out often, after eating, drinking, playing, and sleeping, and every 1/2 hour or so at first. Go out with her, so you are there for major treat/praise fests when she goes outside. Ignore any accidents that you dont see happening, and any you see happen, just grab her and take her out, then heavily treat and praise when she goes outside.