Potty training.


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I feed Bella 3 small meals a day as that was what the breeder advised is this right do you think ?

Also what is the best puppy food to give her, what does everyone give their Dachshund... we were told Royal Canine puppy with a tiny amount of wet food on top of her dried ....

This is the first time we have had a Dachshund I just want feed her the best I can

thank you
I am still feeding Bernie 3 meals a day, he can take or leave it, never asks to be fed!

I got a huge bag of Royal Canin Junior that the breeder fed him on, and hasn't really touched it unless I put a splash of milk in or a very little grated cheese or chicken in it. He does like Butchers puppy trays (wet food) & Butchers gravy bites. He won't touch Pedigree chum cans at all but will eat the dry complete food ...he is just so fussy. He went two days without touching his food before I changed it to something else


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thanks Karen, Bella eats really well to be fair, i usually give her a half cup of RC with a quater packet of wet pedigree puppy food.

she has grown so much but i hadnt really realised how much till i saw her fly up the 2 retainer steps in our garden to the top level (we have a split level garden ) when we first brought her home she ouldnt get up the second step just kept knocking her little belly on it but now shes flys up and down so quickly, she had her seond injection lastnight so I an take her out for walks from next week :D