Possible double dapple?


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Hi everyone!
New to the forum and a new dachshund owner! We got our little guy a few months ago from an odd situation and have no background information on him at all. I've been reading finding out all that I can. He is a 6 month old (very soon to be nutered) miniature black and tan, and is very dappled head to tail.

He has a white stripe on his chest, though, that has me wondering if he could be double dappled? Can they have a stripe like that and not be double? He also had more white hairs around his"goodies" but the fur there is more sparse so it's hard to tell if it's a white patch or dappled. His hearing and vision seem too be fine so far, just very curious to know all we can about him!



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Hi Cindy! Congratulations on getting such a handsome guy!
You'll be happy to know that the stripe down his chest does not mean he's a double dapple. Even non-dapple dogs can have that for a few reasons, so don't worry.

Glad you're here and I hope there's a bunch more photos coming soon!