double dapple

  1. E


    hi everybody , so my 1y/o female mini dapple dachshund was at a male brown dachshunds when she was in heat. But i brought her home about 2 weeks after she came on heat , but the problem is , i have her father who is a L/H mini DAPPLE dachshund ... and a week later i now started noticing het...
  2. cindyg

    Possible double dapple?

    Hi everyone! New to the forum and a new dachshund owner! We got our little guy a few months ago from an odd situation and have no background information on him at all. I've been reading finding out all that I can. He is a 6 month old (very soon to be nutered) miniature black and tan, and is...
  3. Sophiaman22

    New Member Intro

    Hello everyone, I was pleased to find this community. We share our home with six rescue dachshunds, ranging in ages 4-11. We adopted our first one in 2008 in the Midwest; Since then, we've added several more. Three of our dachshunds are disabled to some degree. Buddy, our four-year-old...