Meet Blazer!!!

Blazer's Mom

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Hi there! We're new here...Just wanted to say hello and introduce Blazer, my almost 17 year old Dachshund! Hopefully the picture comes up!


By mjames9999 at 2012-01-27
Hello Blazer and Blazer's mom! :)
Blazer is a senior! Wow! My mom has 14,5 year old dachshund and I thought he's old! ;) Is Blazer still in good health? My mom's dog doesn't see or hear very well, but he still likes to play with younger dogs and go for long walks etc.. :)
Old dogs are the reward for getting through puppyhood! He's gorgeous!!!

I certainly hope mine enjoy the same longevity!!!
Hello and what a cutie! :)

My dachs is only 2 years old and live in Sweden. i hope he too will become old!
Hi again everyone!

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Blazer is in decent health. In the past he has had a couple of issues with the back (years ago), but with some meds and cage rest, we took care of those. October 2011 he had two strokes, but has recovered well from those. He seems to have selective hearing...but his eye sight is starting to go. He has some issues seeing at around six feet. He still has about 19 of 40 teeth, so he can still eat very well. He seems to sleep 23 hours per day... But he still trots around the house like he owns it and everyone in it...which in all honesty, he probably does! At 150 and 120 lbs, he still tells the newfs what to do or not to do! Our lab...well, he's like the little brother that Blazer never wanted...he antagonizes him constantly...but still knows that Blazer is top dog!

Blazer weighs about 6 lbs. The max he has ever weighed was 9 lbs. He didn't used to be as grey as he is now...but he has always had a lot of grey.