How far do you run / jog with your dachshund?


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Wonder if anyone else is running/jogging with their dachshund, and in that case how far?

My Hugo is a mini-dachshund about 5-6kg, 1,5 years old. Very very fit. I started running with him when he was 1 years old. We've gradually built up strength from 1 km to 10km. Usual run is 5 km, not very fast - around half an hour 2-3 times a week and then a long run.

I'm planning to gradually build up to a half-marathon during 12-18 months and I wonder if he can join me in this?

He LOVES running!!! On rest days he drags out all my running gear from the washing basket and wants to go out. He even runs with me in the winter. He is in excellent shape, he moves like a ferret and his fur is fantastic. Vet says she's seldom seen a dog in better shape, with no illnesses at all. He is full of energy and when I get tired during a run he takes his lead in his mouth and dances around me with constant eye contact till I pick up pace again and he can get back in his pace and lead the way.

SO I know we're doing the right thing now... BUT can he gradually build up to half-marathon??? Or am I being over optimistic?

Would be very thankful for answers from any other dachshund joggers out there!

All the Best, Sonja (first post in this forum)

PS. He has a very short ribcage that looks cut off in half, that's why I started running with him to build muscles to avoid back-problems.



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Thank you!

Thank you! Yes he is gorgeous! We adopted him over the internet and can't believe our luck. He's got a fantastic personality as well (except for his love of stealing stuff from my handbag...)

Still hoping to hear from someone about how far they run with their doxie!


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Hi and Welcome from Canada!
We aren't runners here and I think if we were, we would likely chose a different breed to do that with. lol
I'm very glad he's enjoying his runs with you and you are keeping him fit! Awesome. Dachshunds should maintain a nice little waistline their whole life.

They do love hunting. The winters are brutal here so we hunt for the ball every day inside the house. I put them behind the door, hide the ball, and release the hounds. They get a good half hour a day. Here is a 13 second video of releasing the hounds..

Here they are in the back yard playing with big ball. Keep in mind my dogs' ages..

I would love to see some pics of where you go running in Sweden, and with Hugo too.
Wishing your handsome fella many happy years with you!


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I don't see why he couldn't run a half marathon. :) I don't run with our dachsies, but I hike with them. We've done 25-30km hikes in a day and they don't even seem tired afterwards (although they usually run and walk 3x the lenght of the hike :D ).

I think you know your dog by now and you can see if he's getting tired. Do you take care of his muscles after running? I massage our dogs regularly. It's also a good way to find out if there's any sore points etc. :)

Btw, I do canicross with our german shepherd-mix. Its a lot of fun! :)


Hi and welcome from the UK!

Cant help you with the running but I love to see dachshunds fit and healthy, all mine get a good off leash walk everyday, we can walk for miles some days its just me that cant do the running now lol!


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Thanks Inkeri for the thumbs up! I will proceed slowly adding miles and see how he's doing. I gather from your name that you're Finnish! I'm born in Finland and have hunted there since a small child, there were always dachshunds joining us - that's why I figured our small doxie should be able to run with me also! (We're always running in the woods here in Sweden also!)

Am trying to massage him, but would probably need proper instructions. Will see if YouTube can provide. He kind of love-hates my massages ;) but never shows signs if pain.

Kiitos avusta ja vastauksesta!!!


Ps. Hugos doggie-grand-parents are from Finland so he's basically 50/50 Finnish/Swedish ;)


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Thanks Neil! I've always kept my dogs slim and fit. Previous dogs where also food-stealer-breeds Dalmatian and Labrador. So I have practise on how to keep them ;)


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Yep, I'm finnish. :) My husband is getting his hunting license in a few months, so we'll be hunting here also soon. He wants to take our youngest doxie hunting deer and rabbits.

Tsemppiä jatkoon!! And do tell us if you make the half-marathon! :)

Manu and Reino send high-paws to half-countryman!