How do i give my puppy carrots without making a Mess?


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I give my Puppy carrots first i wash them and then cut it to the potential size she could eat but when she eat em she is afraid and keeps dropping it pulling the plat and make it a nightmare i went to the vet and the vet said giveher carrots daily is good for her so im listening and my puppy is just making a mess, Help please?
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i dont think carrots provide any real nutritional value to dogs diet, usually you give it to them as a treat and to clean teeth


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Yep, I give Manu carrots as toys as well. He just chews them to tiny bits and spits them around the floor. :D But it's good fun for him!


Frankie loves carrots. I cut baby carrots into dog treat size bites and use them for training. He reacts to a bag of those like he would any other bag of treats.