How Can We Effectively Spread The Word


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I've recently put in an application to volunteer at a Dachshund Rescue Group in my area. I'm trying to research whether or not advertising for the group would be appropriate as well as what type of advertising would be best.
  1. How do those of you in rescue get the word out about your group?
  2. What is the best way to promote the rescue other than on Petfinder?
  3. Should Internet advertising be implemented?
  4. What is the best Internet advertising company?
  5. What are some ways other than the Internet to advertise that would be successful and cost effective?
Any other ideas not mentioned in the above questions would be most appreciated.


Alberta Region Moderator
The best way to get the word out about a rescue is to get heavily involved in the community. Farmer's Markets, Fun Days, raffles, Give-away's, meet and greets, that sort of thing... as far as internet stuff goes... I have no idea! LOL