1. B

    Cute Dachshund Items On Ebay (helps rescue)

    Cute dachshund items up for bid on Ebay. This is just two items. There is a crocheted dachshund quilt, dachshund necklace, a necklace and earring set, toysHelps rescue. End 8/11/15 Stardoxx Coffee Dachshund Collectible Adorable Supports FLDR Dogs in Need | eBay
  2. Carl Belken

    Hello From Missouri USA

    Hi All, I just found this website a few minutes ago and I just HAD to join! How I came to be a Dachshund owner is as unusual as the breed itself yet at the same time it's so typical Dachshund. I am a 60ish disabled married man who lives in a tiny little village on the Missouri River. A...
  3. pawsitivetails

    Ultimately Tramatized & Terrified

    2 year old neutered red Dachshund named Puddy. His owner died and a family member tried to take him in. When she gave him a temperament test with his food he snapped at her. She's pregnant and fears having him around her future baby. She surrendered Puddy just a few hours ago to Robyn a...
  4. sdw1961

    Adopt or Foster to Save a Dachshund

    If you are looking for a new addition to your family, won’t you consider saving a rescued Dachshund? Please visit Furever Dachshund Rescue and view the available Dachshunds. If you’re not looking for a permanent addition to your household, won’t you consider fostering a Dachshund?
  5. sdw1961

    Assistance Needed

    I am dismayed over the large population of Dachshunds that are daily surrendered to shelters. I was also naive over the amount of them that are either abandoned or taken from a neglect/abusive situation. These sensitive babies, or any other dog for that matter, just do not deserve to be in any...
  6. sdw1961

    How Can We Effectively Spread The Word

    I've recently put in an application to volunteer at a Dachshund Rescue Group in my area. I'm trying to research whether or not advertising for the group would be appropriate as well as what type of advertising would be best. How do those of you in rescue get the word out about your group...