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I am dismayed over the large population of Dachshunds that are daily surrendered to shelters. I was also naive over the amount of them that are either abandoned or taken from a neglect/abusive situation. These sensitive babies, or any other dog for that matter, just do not deserve to be in any of these situations. :(

A new rescue team in South Carolina is fervently working to recruit volunteers. It doesn’t matter where you are located because there are some things you can do to help right from your own home to help promote rescue efforts. Of course donations (whether it be specific items or monetary) are always needed and every little bit helps in saving and caring for these Dachshunds.

Please visit Furever Dachshund Rescue and see if there is anything that sparks your interest.
I rescued our Reggy from the pound about 6 yrs ago, and because of this and the injury he came with, we developed for him a snuggle sack I call Dachshund Dens. I also sale our Dachshund Dens and donate and give part of our proceeds to help homeless animals in our area and afar. I've been able to donate all the way to N.Y. and FL. We hope with what small bit we do here will help save atleast one dog. One precious life is worth everything. Our area here is ''flooded'' with homeless pets and it breaks my heart to see how many dogs and cats end up in the pound because of many unfortunate reasons. One reason is a lot of people don't spay and neuter. I went to the pound the other day to help find my Son's dog :/ "he got out of the yard". I found him :) yaya. But the behind scenes of the dog pound broke my heart. I had to go through an area that is not open to public :(. kennel after kennel of over 100 abandoned dogs. I hope what we do will possibly lessen the amount of abadoned dogs and cats.
I think education on what it takes to care for a dog is the best way to prevent such situations. Shutting down petstores which often supports puppymills. I always ask lots of questions when any of my friends, relatives or others tell me about their plans to get a dog. So they will be prepared for it...