Hi from Iowa


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My name is Robin and I just found this forum.

I have 3 doxies.

Muffin (black and tan smooth coat) isn't really mine (she belongs to my significant other and if you don't believe me, she'll tell you).

Woofie (silver dapple smooth coat) was adopted from FluffyButts Rescue Resort about a year - the foster mom brought two boys for us to meet and Woofie picked us, the other boy JoJo wasn't too thrilled with us.

Shamus (silver dapple smooth coat) came to use through an "free to a good home" ad on CraigsList. When I read ad, SO was so mad and said call the guy, we'd foster until we could find him a good home. We did - ours.

Then we have two wannabe's - Molly (yorkie) and Kirby (bichon). We're known as the crazy dog people.


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Welcome! your little doxies are adorable!!!

I have 2 mini smooth double dapples... they both like the fireplace too! LOL


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Wow, I almost mistook your one dapple for a black n tan until I saw the dappling on his(?) bum...totally missed the head until I looked closer, LOL

Cute bunch! :)